Rama: Keeping Kukesi Citizens in Jail is a State Crime
Albanian Daily News
Published April 16, 2018
"The police, prosecutors and the court have committed a state crime by keeping 11 innocent citizens in jail after protest against Nation's Road". This was the reaction of the SMI Member of Parliament, Luan Rama this Monday.
He emphasized that 'their activity so far goes against the Code of Criminal Procedures!'
Mr. Rama also stated that 'Officials and representatives of these institutions have abused official documents as well as their powers.
"Following the testimonies of hundreds of citizens and live footage evidence, it is obvious that we are dealing with an organized state crime perpetrated in collaboration.
Innocent citizens from Kukesi were arrested by the police around 2 in the night while the court has received arrest orders dated a day before around 10-11 pm, which means 7-8 hours after their actual arrest took place.
This is a shameful act spotting the image of the Attorney General who is also to be accountable on the charges of abusing her powers as provided by Article 248 of the Criminal Code.
Therefore she is to be immediately reported at the Prosecution of Severe Crimes. Other police officials participating should also be persecuted for abusing official documents," accused Rama.
He claimed that the Constitution and International Conventions have also been abused while 11 innocent citizens are still being detained.
'When the state commits a crime, it is up to the people to do justice!

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