Albania-Kosovo Customs Point Ready by April
Albanian Daily News
Published March 20, 2018
The joint customs point between Albania and Kosovo is expected to be ready by April, the Ambassador of Albania in Kosovo, Qemal Minxhozi said in an interview for KosovaPress. The joint customs point will reduce red tape and increase trade exchange between the two countries, Minxhozi said.
Speaking of trade exchanges, Minxhozi said they are on the rise. "Despite the bureaucratic hurdles, Kosovo has the highest export figure in Albania compared to other countries in the region," he said, adding that commercial chambers should draft joint economic policies.
"There have been realized 200 million euro trade exchanges throughout the field of cooperation, where Albania has exported 150 million euros to Kosovo, while Kosovo has exported 50 million euro to Albania," Minxhozi said adding that the exchanges should expand further.
According to Minxhozi, the chambers of commerce of the two countries should sit together to develop development policies and present them to the respective governments in order to make legislative changes.
Minxhozi stressed that the agreements reached between the two governments are on the right track.
Meanwhile, EU Ambassador to Tirana Romana Vlahutin has said that Albania and Kosovo will be without customs only after having ascertained EU membership.
"Albania-Kosovo without customs only as EU members," Romana Vlahutin said during a visit in Morine last week, according to local media reports.
The EU-funded project for the modernization of the border crossing point Morine-Vermice is towards completion. Joint customs will facilitate the movement from both sides, improving the daily lives of locals and helping to support new investments.

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