Meta: Maritime Agreement without Breaking the 'Red Line'
Albanian Daily News
Published March 18, 2018
The red line for the maritime agreement between Greece and Albania, according to the Albanian President, Ilir Meta, is the constitution.
In an interview for this sensitive issue for the Greek newspaper 'To Vima', Meta underlined the fact that this agreement must be correct and legal.
"First, I have emphasized the fact that Albania's relations with Greece are of great strategic importance. I always wanted to see an open dialogue to discuss all the issues of interest.
This agenda does not come from another planet, nor is it imposed on us, but includes issues, some of them inherited from the past and others from the present, which are of common interest. I welcome the fact that there is a good intention to sit down and discuss all these issues, with the hope that they are addressed in the most efficient way.
Secondly, both Albania and Greece are mutually interested in having an agreement by which they can limit their respective maritime areas," declared Meta.
He underlined the fact that it is vital that both countries enter in an negotiation process and reach an agreement which is legally impeccable, practically enforceable and ultimately irrevocable.

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