US Embassy Disappointed by PM Rama
Albanian Daily News
Published February 21, 2018
United States Embassy was disappointed by Prime Minister Edi Rama's remarks about Kosovo and Albania on the occasion of Kosovo's 10th Anniversary of Independence.
"Careless language alluding to unification is unhelpful and damaging to Albania's relationships with its neighbors. We call on all leaders to be good neighbors and abandon the divisive language of the past," reacted this embassy.
Prime Minister, Edi Rama proposed in Kosovo on the 10th anniversary of Independence for a joint President for Albania and Kosovo.
After the debate caused on this issue, Rama explained the context of his statement.
"Firstly, it was not a statement, but an imagination. That sentence cam as a result of a series of previous sentenced, which among others said that Serbia and Kosovo will have successfully completed their difficult dialogue. It was an imagination related to a jubilee moment," said Rama.
He considered as exaggerated the reactions that his proposal caused in Tirana, in Pristina, in the region and in Brussels, while saying that it was removed from the context of his speech.
"This national and international sport, where a sentence is often taken out of the context and then unfortunately harm is caused to what one thinks to be making right, and it is left only to daily consumption. Meanwhile, my speech in the Parliament of Kosovo was a well-thought and felt speech until the end," said PM Rama.

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