Plenipotence for Negotiations with Greece, President Meta Stance Published
Albanian Daily News
Published February 20, 2018
The stance of the President of the Republic Ilir Meta in relation to a request for plenipotence for negotiations with Greece on new maritime borders was made public on Tuesday.

Through a letter addressed to the Prime Minister Edi Rama and the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Ditmir Bushati, President requires a clear definition of the negotiations subject, additional information on the negotiating team composition and the existence of a text that would lay the basis for these negotiations.

"The President of the Republic, Meta is convinced that maritime space with Greece delimitation serves in every aspect to the country's interest, both in terms of exercising national sovereignty and jurisdiction, as well as in terms of security, economic, political, social benefit, etc.

In this context, the solution for the division, the use and rational, efficient and fair exploitation of maritime spaces and their resources with the Republic of Greece, should derive from a common denominator between two countries.

I underline that it is obligatory for every solution to respect the Republic of Albania constitution's principles, the obligations defined by the implementation of Constitutional Court verdict Nr. 15, date 15.04.2010, the internal legal framework, the international acts shared by Albania and on view of the consideration of state's interest as priority," wrote Meta.

President also underlines that a final decision on this issue will be taken only after the specification of the above mentioned problematic.

Earlier the Head of State held a series of separate consultative meetings with his predecessors and also with former-Foreign Affairs Ministers on this sensitive issue.

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