'A Marked Day for Entire Albanian Nation'
Albanian Daily News
Published February 19, 2018
President of the Republic Ilir Meta attended the state ceremonies organized in Pristina on Sunday, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Kosovo's Independence. Meta participated in the solemn session at the Parliament of Kosovo, in the ceremony of the parade of Kosovo's Security Forces and the reception organized by the Foreign Ministry.
At the invitation of his counterpart, Hashim Thaçi, Meta joined the festive concert organized on this occasion while he met with many Albanian and international political personalities. On Saturday, President Ilir Meta congratulated President Thaçi on the tenth anniversary of Kosovo's Independence.
"On the tenth anniversary of Kosovo's Independence, I have the privilege and pleasure to convey on my behalf and of all Albanian citizens the warmest fraternal wishes," said Meta in his message.
Speaking about the progress of Kosovo and relations between Kosovo and Albania as well as cooperation in Euro-Atlantic integration, Meta said: "In the first decade as an independent and sovereign state, allow me to share in your pride in the remarkable progress Kosovo has made in all aspects of state building and its dignified representation across the world. I am full of enthusiasm that our fraternal and inter-state relations have reared to the highest level of cooperation and have consolidated down the path to European and Euro-Atlantic integration alongside our strategic partners."
"I am confident that self-awareness, maturity and state accountability that mark the institutions and people of Kosovo will speed-up the much-desired development," President Meta said, assuring President Thaçi that institutions of Albania will always support Kosovo.

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