Bylykbashi: HJC and HPC Members Did Not Pass through Vetting
Albanian Daily News
Published February 9, 2018
Democratic Party MP, Oerd Bylykbashi, denounced on Friday that 7 out of 10 members of the High Judicial Council (HJC) and High Prosecution Council (HPC) did not pass through Vetting process and for this he blames the government.
"PD has made fundamental changes to this process, which means that it envisioned a clean process, where legitimate candidates would be selected by lot. But we have an unconstitutional process, we have illegal candidates and as a result we do not have a legitimate electoral process. The end lists have zero value," said Bylykbashi.
In the mean time he mentioned some of the candidates that did not pass vetting process:

Nurian Seiti- Prosecutor who has participated in political trials;

Genti Ibrahimi- According to the OMN does not fulfill the condition of being pedagogue of the Magistrates for 5 years;

Alfred Balla- Excluded from OMN for plagiarism and irregularities of legal criteria;

Naureta Llagani- It does not appear on the lists of members of civil society;

Maksim Qoku - Leading Member of Political Parties for the last 10 years.

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