'Opposition's Objection to Vote in UN, Excuse for Debate'
Albanian Daily News
Published February 8, 2018
Prime Minister Edi Rama accuses the opposition of using Albania's vote in UN as an excuse to incite debate. He declared on Thursday in parliament that opposition would do anything in an attempt to escape vetting and judicial reform.

"Opposition asked for a debate on Albania's vote against US resolution for Jerusalem. They are ready to start even a nuclear war if it would depend from you. Opposition has been abandoned long ago by the power and logic, thus their entire policy is based on defamation and delirium," said the chief of executive, Rama.

He declared that opposition is deeply worried by the progress of judicial reform and vetting process.

"The judicial reform, which the opposition failed to block in spite of continuous efforts, along with the vetting process has become their biggest worry. That's why they now seek refuge in this issue," declared PM Rama.

Referring to the opposition's reaction for the maritime pact with Greece Premier Rama said that those who protest today are the ones that signed an unconstitutional agreement that infringed country's territorial integrity.

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