'2017, a Passionate Year for Our Chamber'
Albanian Daily News
Published February 8, 2018
'Today we are a strong organization having 71 members that are established in Albania and France and we will continue the work to promote Chamber's image," has said Mr. Julien Roche, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry France-Albania (CCI France-Albanie) in his address at the General Assembly calling 2017 a 'passionate year' for the Chamber whose voice will be stronger with government bodies in the name of its members.
CCI France-Albanie, which was created in 2012, had on its agenda of Tuesday's General Assembly the discussion of the balance sheet of its activities during 2017 and the unveiling of the strategy for this year as well as the election of the members of the Steering Committee and other organizational issues.
"2017 was a passionate year for our Chamber. At the beginning of the last year, the General Assembly was followed by different activities like the "Printemps de la Francophonie", the Forum of the Francophone Women, the Economic Forum with the students, the Summer Holiday, the International Day of Diabetes in cooperation with Sanofi, a business cocktail in cooperation with the Pharmaceutical Association in Albania," said Mr. Roche, who noted that the Economic Forum with the students was organized in cooperation with the French Embassy in Tirana. He sorted out the "Wine Tasting' cocktail, which was organized in cooperation with 11 foreign Chambers bringing together more than 150 participants.
Mr. Roche called the agenda of 2018 as the year of 'big projects' mentioning "Printemps de la Francophonie" which will be held in March with three events: "Gout de France" Dinner, the Economic Forum and the Forum of Francophone Women.
"We will participate in the organization of the two economic forums which will be held by B France in April and May 2018, "Summer Holiday" in June 2018, "Wine tasting event" in June 2018, Tourism Fair in September or October 2018, Beaujolais Nouveau in November 2018, an event whose target will be the promotion of the member companies.
CII France-Albanie President announced that he would propose the creation of commissions for different sectors as energy, tourism, law, textile etc. "These commissions will be headed by a chairman who will undertake initiatives to help you," said Mr. Roche.
He thanked all the members of the Association who took part in the elections and congratulated the members of the Steering Committee who were elected on Tuesday. Ms. Elisabeta Gjoni was elected First Deputy President of CCI France-Albanie.
In conclusion Mr. Roche extended his gratitude to Maktirana Hotel, Albesol, Société Générale Albania, Vila Alehandro that supported the event. "Thanks to you generosity, this evening was organized in an excellent manner. We thank Maktirana Hotel and its Marketing Director Bujana Xhaxhiu for their hospitality in their hotel," concluded CCI France-Albanie President Julien Roche.

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