EU Enlargement Strategy, Opportunity for Albania or Lost Chance?
Albanian Daily News
Published February 6, 2018
European Union (EU) enlargement strategy is an opportunity for Albania or lost chance? The Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) MP, Klajda Gjosha made this question on Tuesday at the eve of this strategy presentation by EU.
"One of the most important strategies for the Western Balkans perspective is presented today. EU sees the Balkans as an excellent opportunity to develop the European economy while increasing the influence in the region. The countries aspiring to join EU, including Albania, should benefit from this positive approach.
But it must be more than clear to that this process is not donated to anyone. This process is entirely based on the merits and each state capacity to cope with democracy, rule of law and common values challenge," said Gjosha.
She underlined that the opening of accession negotiations with Albanian remains still unclear while Serbia and Montenegro see a clear perspective of integration within 2025 based on criteria fulfillment.
"The paragraph for Albania reconfirmed one more time the European Commission incertitude in relation to the fulfillment of a main criterion like the judicial reform.
Which train that Albania is following? The common values train or the dictatorship's train, where the obsession to control everything is destroying Albanians European aspirations?" said Gjosha.
In conclusion she declared that this strategy may turn into a great opportunity for Albania if the government considers without seriousness the cooperation with EU.

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