Gjiknuri in USA, Discussions on TAP and IAP Projects
Albanian Daily News
Published February 6, 2018
The Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Damian Gjiknuri pays an official visit to USA on Tuesday. Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) and Ionian Adriatic Pipeline (IAP) projects are expected to be the highlights of his meetings with US State Department officials.
Gjiknuri's agenda started with a meeting on Tuesday with the official in charge of energy issues in US State Department, Sue Saarnio.
Two countries cooperation enhancement in the framework of efforts to increase energy safety in Europe, the Southern Gas Corridor and the construction of TAP pipeline were among main topics of discussions.
Gjiknuri informed the interlocutor about the steps undertaken by the Albanian government to facilitate the construction phase of this very important project that changes the country's energy map. He also expressed the deepest gratitude to USA for the support given to this project that includes a number of regional countries.
"TAP pipeline project has entered an intensive phase of implementation. Meantime the Albanian government is closely cooperating with neighboring countries for the completion of IAP pipeline network," declared Gjiknuri.
The minister also introduced the US official with a master plan drafted by the government for the gasification of the country, on view of the diversification of energy sources.

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