Albania-Greece Relations, Rama Refutes Rumors for Territorial Claims
Albanian Daily News
Published February 6, 2018
Albania has not territorial claims toward Greece. Prime Minister Edi Rama made this declaration on Tuesday during an interview given to Greek newspaper "Ta nea".

"I want to be more than clear with you by declaring that similar claim does not exist. Any allegation related to such claim lacks any basis and is a just a distortion of the reality," declared PM Rama.

Referring to the Cham issue the Albanian chief of executive Rama defined an issue of fundamental rights.

"Albania sees the Cham issue only as a matter of fundamental rights. This issue is related only to the right of the Albanians that once lived in Greece. That's all," said PM Rama.

He also addressed a direct question to the public opinion in Greece in relation to this sensitive issue.
"Can you imagine that now in 21th century old men and women that currently live in Albania have no right to enter in Greek territory because their origin is from a territory of your country? I do not believe that someone would object their right to travel to Greece, or their descendants claim through legal way for the rights on their assets," stated Premier Rama.

The Albanian Prime Minister, Rama spoke also about the maritime borders issue declaring that pair will soon sign an agreement that will satisfy both countries.

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