Migjen Basha: Panucci's National Team Plays in Offensive
Albanian Daily News
Published February 5, 2018
The Albanian National Team midfielder, Migjen Basha spoke during an interview to the Albanian media about the schemes applied by Coach Christian Panucci. He said that the team's tactics have changed radically, while adding that they now play a more offensive game.
"Panucci is a coach who prefers to attack instead of staying in defense. This technique differs from the one we learned in the past. We have played some beautiful matches since his arrival in this position," said Migjen Basha.
He also spoke about Albania's adversaries in the League of Nations, labeling Scotland as a more dangerous adversary than Israel.
"We have certain knowledge of Israel's game. The luck abandoned us in the first match against them. The referee made some mistakes since the first minutes and thing went in the wrong direction.
We played much better in the 2nd match. Meantime Scotland is generally unknown to us. The only thing we know is that they missed just for a bit the play-off phase for Russia 2018. It means that this is a qualitative group of players," said the Albanian footballer.

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