Water Reform, 100 Verifications per Day
Albanian Daily News
Published February 4, 2018
Task-Force, Tirana Water Supply, Sewerage, Municipal Police and State Police groups are verifying over 100 businesses per day in order to interrupt every illegal connection of potable water.
The Deputy Mayor of Tirana, Arbjan Mazniku, and the General Director of TWSS, Redi Molla, were recently in the Dajti area, to pursue from close the action to discipline the use of potable water from the premises and processing companies and water trading in the city.
"We are determined that this action will continue and at the end of the process, any person who is found to have an illegal connection will be punished as the law requires. We will ensure that this service is provided as citizen sally as professional as possible for all those businesses that are regular and that operate within the entire legal framework,” stressed Mazniku.
He urged family customers to use the new deadline set by the government to establish legitimate connections and sign new contracts with TWSS.


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