Bad Weather, Police Appeal to the Citizens
Albanian Daily News
Published February 3, 2018
Heavy rain and flooding engulfed Albania this Saturday. After some flooding areas, road traffic and circulation problems caused by the weather, the Directorate of Road Police, made an appeal to all the citizens who will travel these days all over the country.
Police informed that the road police officers will be in service to provide all the necessary help for the citizens. At the same time, road police services are in continuous movement, in special cases to ignite and the additional signaling tools to patrol all road axes, drawing the attention of the road users in order to enforce the norms of road behavior.
"In areas where snow can fall, road vehicles should be equipped with chains and require their installation in cases where the road is covered with snow and there is ice presence on the road surface. Road police services will increase their presence in the streets to guide the road traffic currents, in order to avoid road congestion," says the statement.


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