Renowned Painter Unknown Works Showcased
Albanian Daily News
Published February 3, 2018
Some of the most prominent works of renowned painter Pandi Mele were presented to the public at the art gallery “FAB” as part of the exhibition “A Life With Graphics”. This exhibition was opened under the auspice of Ardian Isufi and Petraq Papa as an homage to the work of one the artists that played a very important role in the Albanian visual art. This artistic proposal includes drawings and sketches,all almost unknown so far by the art-lovers. Exposed works begin in 1958 to continue until the days of 2014.

Special place has been aslo given to some works of the artist that include his period of studies in the former Soviet Union.

“Migjenian” cycle with drawings realized by the painter in Puka as part of a study on the great Albanian poet Migjeni is particularly special.

Pandi Mele was born in 1939 in Korca and died in December 2015. He was the first Albanian graphic artist to apply graphic cycles (compositions) based on literary works or Albanian legends.


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