OSHEE's Cela: Losses' Target Needs Revision
Albanian Daily News
Published January 25, 2018
Albanian Power Distribution Operator (OSHEE) will ask the World Bank to review the target of OSHEE’s technical losses in the program of energy recovery.
“We have requested the review of the losses level,” said Adrian Cela, general administrator of OSHEE in an interview with Top Channel on Wednesday.
Cela’s reaction comes few days after the World Bank published a report in which it was stated that OSHEE had not fulfilled its objective to reduce the level of energy losses in power grid according to the energy recovery program agreed with Albanian government. World Bank also said in its report that OSHEE should have already started the process of its division into two units: commercial and technical units. Cela said that the model was adopted but it needed some years to be implemented.
OSHEE also said that the data taken for the drafting of report referred to the period of 2009 when the power grid was in a bad condition.


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