Alert in Europe after Truck Carrying 34,000 Litres of Bomb-Making Chemicals' Is Stolen in Belgium
Albanian Daily News
Published January 23, 2018
There are fears a truck carrying 33,000 litres of a chemical substance has been stolen in Belgium.

Interpol is reported to have alerted anti-terror cops across Europe after the vehicle was taken, apparently from the city of Zedelgem.

Interpol has reportedly alerted anti-terror cops across Europe after a truck carrying potentially explosive material was stolen in Belgium.

France, Italy and Spain are among the countries reported to have been put on alert by Interpol after the truck was allegedly stolen in Zedelgem, Belgium
Unverified reports claim the thieves changed the truck's license plate so they can safely leave Belgium.

The truck was carrying a volatile substance known as "Radiacid", according to Spanish-based Radio Nacional reporter Laura Alonso.

This is understood to be a general term for a number of products created by chemical manufacturer Oleon whose corporate HQ is in Belgium.

Italy, whose media reported the vehicle's number plate as 1-QEB-708, is said to have increased vigilance and security at crossing points.

Belgium suffered the deadliest attack in its history in March 2016 when three jihadis detonated explosives at Brussels airport.

(Source: The Sun)

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