Vucic: Serbia, Kosovo to Share Intelligence on Ivanovic Murder
Albanian Daily News
Published January 21, 2018
Vucic during the visit to Banjska Monastery. Photo: Sasa Djordjevic/Beta
Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic announced Belgrade and Pristina will exchange information about the murder of Kosovo-Serb politician Oliver Ivanovic during an official visit to Kosovo on Saturday.

After meeting local Serb leaders in the ethnic Serb-majority north of Kosovo, Vucic described solving Ivanovic's murder as the "key" to dispelling anxiety and fear among the local ethnic Serb population, adding that there will be "no mercy" for those responsible.

"To us, the nationality of the killer is unimportant," Vucic told the media during a press conference held after a three-hour meeting with Serb politicians in the northern municipality of Mitrovica. Mitrovica is split, with the south being mainly ethnic Albanian.

Before he started speaking, a group of people shouted at him in Serbian, calling on him to protect the population.

"President, help us all! We are all targeted, we are guilty of being Serbs," a man was heard shouting, before his group was removed from the building.

Vucic's Kosovo visit aims to reduce tensions among local Serbs following the killing of Kosovo Serb politician Oliver Ivanovic on Tuesday.

The well-known politician was gunned down in front of his party's office in Mitrovica. Investigators are yet to reveal the motive for his killing.

The Serbian president kicked off his visit at the Banjska Monastery, where he was greeted by a crowd of around a thousand people.

There he told members of the media that Belgrade and Pristina will exchange information in Ivanovic's murder investigation, despite Kosovo rejecting Serbia's request to participate in the investigation.

From there Vucic went to the city of Mitrovica where he laid a wreath at the scene of Oliver Ivanovic's murder.

(Source: BIRN)

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