Fuel Prices in Albania Highest in the Balkans
Albanian Daily News
Published January 16, 2018
Albania ranks at 25th place on global scale for the highest price of fuel. The most recent data made public by globalpetrolprice.com website indicate that currently the fuel price in Albania is USD 1.61, nearly in the same levels with England and Germany where the price is respectively USD 1.63 and 1.67. Hong Kong ranks on top of the list with a fuel price of over USD 2.

The fuel price in Albania is higher even in comparison to other regional countries. Serbia ranks below the European average with a fuel price of only USD 1.45. Likewise, Albania’s neighboring country of Macedonia has a fuel price of EUR 1.3.

The current price of fuel in Albania is the consequence of high taxes paid by the consumers. They pay a fee of ALL 100, the equivalent of 67% of the total price, as tax (including the excise, the circulation tax, the carbon tax, and Valued Added Tax).

Globalpetrolprice.com published data are collected from reliable sources of the Ministries of Energetic, Transport or Commerce, the price’s transparency mechanisms, the consumers associations, the automobiles association and the local media.


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