Judicial Reform, Key for the Attraction of Foreign Investments-Bushati Says
Albanian Daily News
Published January 13, 2018
Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Ditmir Bushati, during a visit to Sweden, had a meeting with the Chairwoman of the EU Commission in Swedish Parliament, Karin Enström.
Both interlocutors paid special attention to Albania's EU integration process, sharing the opinion on the importance of enlargement policy in the Balkan region countries and the reform process. Minister Bushati expressed gratitude for Sweden's steady support, including the Swedish Parliament.
In the framework of the visit to Sweden, Minister Bushati held a meeting with the Secretary of the State at the Ministry of Justice and Migration, Lars Westbratt. He made known the progress of EU-related reforms.
"Albania is implementing a comprehensive justice reform that addresses the current shortcomings of independence, accountability, efficiency and professionalism of the justice system. The implementation of existing legislation is developing at a steady pace, and is working to implement the vetting process at all levels, "- noted Minister Bushati.
The interlocutors shared views about the migration crisis and its impact, and praised the co-operation between the two countries to inhibit the asylum seeker phenomenon.

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