Fino, Official Candidate for the Albanian Football Federation Presidency
Albanian Daily News
Published January 12, 2018
As forewarned the Socialist Party (SP) MP, Bashkim Fino formalized last evening his candidacy for the Albanian Football Federation presidency. The confirmation was given by Fino through a short pronunciation to the media, while underlining that he had already drafted a platform that would lead to the transformation of Albanian football.
Fino stated that he aims to induce a new spirit in this sport and restore the fans confidence on the AFF.
"I want to improve the image of Albanian football. This sport currently experiences a total lack of confidence by the fans. Their number in the stadium's stairs is rapidly decreasing, that's why the AFF, along with every other commission, should lead the transformation process," said Fino.
In regard to the infrastructure he promised to be maximally committed in order to enable the construction of several new stadiums.
"I may guarantee you that 5 new stadiums similar to "Elbasan Arena" will be constructed within two mandates as AFF president, in spite of governments changing. I have the capacities to build 5 stadiums within 8 years. New stadiums will be constructed in Vlora and Korça in order to increase football's quality," declared Fino.
Answering to the journalists question if he would relinquish from the MPs mandate Fino implied that he would do so only after being elected as AFF new president.

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