Tirana, the City with More Savings in Albania
Albanian Daily News
Published January 3, 2018
Tirana is not only the Albania's capital and the city with the highest number of population but also the city whose inhabitants manage to save more than those of any other city.
The data related to the citizens' savings, recently elaborated by the Bank of Albania, show that Tirana has a saving rate of ALL 370.000 per capital thus ranks in the first place.
The individuals in the Albanian capital have altogether in the bank a sum of ALL 319 Billion, the equivalent of 67% of deposits in Tirana, while the rest belongs to the businesses and institutions.
Vlora ranks at the 2nd place in relation to the savings with a sum of ALL 361.000 per capita, nearly equal to that of Tirana, followed by Durresi with around ALL 260.000 per capita. The list than continues with Korça and Elbasan, which have respectively ALL 226.000 and ALL 193.000 per capita.
Anyhow, the fact that Albanians are gradually abandoning the banks due to the low interest rates is an eye-catching element in this list published by the Bank of Albania.

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