Sadiku: Legia of Warsaw, Great Team
Albanian Daily News
Published December 31, 2017
Armando Sadiku gave an interview recently talking about his career and the current experience in the ranks of Legia of Warsaw. In spite of the fact that he has been activated only for a few minutes Sadiku said that he was very pleased by the choise made last summer to move in the ranks of the Polish team.

"I joined Legia of Warsaw last summer due to this club's long and sucessful history. We had a negative start of the season due to the disqualification from European competitions, but now we are back on the right track. I am ready to give my contribute in the field although I am not being activated as much as I would like," said the 26-years old player.

Referring to the Albanian National Team the Elbasan born footballer said that his dream was to participate one more time in the European finals.

"We experienced a golden period of time with De Biasi while now with Panucci we are proceeding in the right path. Our objective is to be qualified one more time for the European finals making Albanians even more proud," declared Sadiku.

Speaking about the previous experiences that left a mark on him Sadiku said that he had nostalgia about the times when he played for Lugano.

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