On Albania's Vote in UN!
Albanian Daily News
Published December 24, 2017
The reaction of the Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs, Ditmir Bushati over the vote of Albania in the UN for the US proposal to know Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

"In foreign policy we do not have the luxury to not distinguish facts from fabrications. For those who do still believe on facts, Albania's vote is not a vote against the US, rather an expression of our coherent, principled and unchanged stance in years based on the international consensus expressed in a large number of UN documents and resolutions of the Security Council, which bear an abiding power; likewise it is an expression of our stance in full line with the stances of the overwhelming majority of the UN, NATO and EU members, historic partners of the US.
It is a fact that the resolution on which Albania casted a vote in favor yesterday refers to the previous resolutions of the Security Council.
To be more concrete are resolution 252 of the year 1968, resolution 476 of the year 1980, resolution of the year 1980 and the latest one the resolution 2334 of the year 2016.
These resolutions have become part of the international norms and consequently are obligatory for us.
Likewise Albania has constantly voted in favor of UN resolutions with regards to the peace process in the Middle East in general and particularly in favor of the specific resolution which deals with the question of the occupied territories, including Eastern Jerusalem at the UN General Assembly.
This consolidated stance of Albania has been and remains similar despite of which has been at the helm of state affairs, including here the voting in the year 2012 and 2013 and up to now as the overwhelming majority of UN countries.
It is a fact that the principles, orientations and stances in regards to the foreign policy of a country are more sustainable than the fabrications of those who try to undermine the fundamental stone of our partnership in the field of the strengthening of the legal state and democracy in Albania which is the reform in judiciary.
Hannah Arendt was right when he said that the worst evil of a society is not an obedient Nazi either a devoted communist, but all of those for whom the distinguished of the facts and fabrications, the truths and lies does not exist".

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