'Healthy Nutrition at Schools' Initiative Presented in Tirana
Albanian Daily News
Published December 14, 2017
'Healthy Nutrition at Schools', a joint initiative of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Social Protection and the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth along with country's five major municipalities was presented on Thursday in Tirana. Pairs signed a joint agreement opening the way to the implementation of this initiative.

The Minister of Education, Sports and Youth, Lindita Nikolla introduced the participants in the signature ceremony with the duties and the role that will be played by this ministry in this project.

"This project will relieve parents from the children' homework burden because from now on this burden remains on the schools. Furthermore students coming from families with poor economic possibilities will be given the chance to use the same source of information as any other student even while carrying on the home-works thanks to a number of dedicated teachers," said Nikolla.

Meantime the Minister of Agriculture, Niko Peleshi, focused particularly on the importance of food safety.

"This initiative will initially be implemented in 4 schools in different parts of the country. This pilot project unifies three ideas, brainchild of these respective ministries. The Ministry of Agriculture aims to promote healthy nutrition and food safety at schools. Food safety is a relatively new concept that needs to be followed by cultural changes and students' education," said Peleshi.

The Minister of Health and Social Protection dwelt on the ways to educate the students to eat regular meals at school gradually transforming this into a living culture.

"The involvement in such programs is done within the framework and the creation of positive habits, which are then transferred in the future to grown-ups, so children become adults and gain habits, in terms of nutrition, which also greatly influences on the society's health," said Manastirliu.

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