Government Approves Lek 2.2 bln Fund for Year-end Reward
Albanian Daily News
Published December 14, 2017
The government has decided to reward certain categories on the verge of the end-year festivals, making available Lek two billion and two hundred and fifty three thousand, Minister of Health and Social Protection, Ogerta Manastirliu and Minister of Defense Olta Xhaçka said in a public release at the Prime Minister's Office on Wednesday.
"We have decided to reward Lek 2,000 to 79,370 beneficiaries of economic aid and to 67,311 beneficiaries of the disabled people category, on the occasion of end-year celebrations," Manastirliu said.
"The Council of Ministers decided to reward Lek 3,000 to the category of pension beneficiaries and other financial treatments. These categories specifically are: 498,242 persons receiving retirement pension, disability pension, family pension and city, 132,530 receiving a pension under the law on pensions to cooperative agricultural members, 981 persons receiving special financial treatment, working in underground mines and persons benefiting from special financial treatment and working in several military industry enterprises, 11,876 receiving early retirement for service seniority and 3,037 persons receiving retirement pension under the law on employee pensions working in mines," the minister noted.
According to her, around 2,520 persons who do not benefit retirement pension but are treated as veterans or people treated for special merits or benefiting social pension will be rewarded as well. The total reward fund allocated by the government is estimated at 2 billion and Lek 253 million.
The minister described rewards as a solidarity package to confirm government's attention and care to those more in-need of support on the verge of December festivals. Government will also reward Armed Forces and State Police Officers who took part in the civil emergency operation following the floods as well as on missions abroad.
Minister Xhaçka said on Wednesday after meeting of the Cabinet that by 2019 the government will also review the salaries of the servicemen. "The government has earmarked Lek 63,290,000 reward as an expression of gratitude to all those involved in the operation facing the emergency situation because of floods and especially to all those who were in the forefront of rescuing lives," said Xhaçka.

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