New Attorney General, Basha Alarmed: We Are in a Constitutional Crisis
Albanian Daily News
Published December 13, 2017
The opposition's leader Lulzim Basha denounces the Prime Minister Edi Rama attempts to assign a political temporary chief-prosecutor.
During a dialogue with journalists on Wednesday he labeled the unilateral process initiated by the majority for the election of a temporary chief-prosecutor as an intentional obstruction of justice reform.

"Which were the justice reform main objectives? Justice system cleansing from corrupted judges and prosecutors and an independent judiciary system, implying the prevention of political nominations. The justice reform was reinforced in country's constitution aiming its protection from any attack following the unanimous adoption on July 22.

The article 148 of the Constitution states that the new chief prosecutor is elected with 3/5th of MPs votes among three candidates proposed by the High Council of Prosecution and has a 7-years mandate. Furthermore, every candidate running for this position must become subject to vetting process," said Basha, adding that majority is trying to assign a political chief prosecutor through a simple majority of votes without submitting him to the vetting process.

The Democrat leader defined as clearly unconstitutional the steps undertaken by the Legal Issues, Public Administration and Human Rights Issues for the election of a temporary chief-prosecutor.

"The mandate of a chief-prosecutor elected through constitutional violation will be considered as null. We will follow every legal and institutional step to prevent this illicit act and will never accept a political bargain that infringes the constitution," stated the opposition's leader.

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