Floods, SP-DP Debate in Economy Committee
Albanian Daily News
Published December 6, 2017
The situation generated by the flooding and the damages assessment generated debates between majority and opposition’s representatives in Economy and Finances Committee on Wednesday.

The Democrat MP, Jorida Tabaku addressed to the Minister of Finances and Economy Arben Ahmetaj asking for explanations on the damages’ assessment process.

“Which will be the fate of flooded areas and damages assessment process? What percentage of the indemnification has been allocated to those affected by the floods two years ago?” said Tabaku.

Minister Ahmetaj replied by saying that the damages assessment process in the flooded areas is already ongoing. Meantime referring to the indemnifications related to the floods of 2015 he declared that majority of the funds had been already allocated.

“The damages assessment process has already started and includes four different phases. The fourth phase foresees inhabitants’ indemnification by the state’s budget. Regarding the figure paid in 2015 if I recall it correctly it was around EUR 5 million,” said Ahmetaj.


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