Albanian School of Political Studies Celebrates 10th Anniversary
Albanian Daily News
Published December 6, 2017
The 10th anniversary of the Albanian School of Political Studies was celebrated through a ceremony, attended by numerous personalities as the President of the Republic Ilir Meta, Vice-Prime Minister, Senida Mesi, the Head of Council of Europe office in Tirana, Claus Neukirch, Switzerland's Ambassador in Tirana, Christoph Graf and many others who praised the role played by this school founded by CoE with Swiss support, eyeing the education of new leaders.

The school's program remains unique, on view of the fact that it brings together representatives of different political forces but also main decision-makers, local authorities representatives, civic society activists and media aiming the experience exchanging, mitigation of dialogue and generation of new ideas.

The President of the Republic, Ilir Meta cordially saluted the Albanian School of Political Studies activity in his address to the participants in this ceremony, while defining it as an excellent opportunity for the youths to unveil their individuality as leaders of the future by taking over major responsibilities.

"Bring a change to Albania through your actions, and what's more important take over major responsibilities for the country's future," said President Meta addressing to the political studies schools' students.

Vice-Prime Minister Mesi declared the fact that she is one among the numerous ex-alumnus of this school while adding that the tradition generated through this school's values system has served and continues to serve as a solid and visionary basis in promoting the future leaders.

The ceremony continued with the certificates issuing for 24 participants of the 2017 academic year, who completed a one-year study, which included lectures, discussions, group work, simulation games, and research works on important reforms undertaken in Albania.


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