'2018, Decisive Year for Albania's EU Integration'
Albanian Daily News
Published December 5, 2017
The Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Ditmir Bushati illustrated the Albania's expectations in relation to the EU accession in his address at the "High expectations for 2018, Albania's next step in EU accession process" conference organized by German Foundation 'Hans Seidel' during a working visit to Brussels.

Bushati made a detailed presentation of the steps undertaken by the Albanian government in the framework of the commitments to meet the key priorities in his address to the conference. The minister also underlined the progress of justice reform implementation and the fight without any compromise against organized crime.

The minister stressed that Albanian government's expectations, based on the work done so far and the progress achieved, make 2018 a special and decisive year for country's European integration.

"Our achievements constitute a solid basis for substantial and qualitative progress in the integration process in a number of priority areas, in particular for Chapters 23 and 24," declared Bushati.

He stated that Albania feels encouraged by the strengthening of the support on Western Balkan enlargement recently expressed by European Commission President Juncker, but also by French President Macron.

"We hope that this support will materialize through the next steps on our European journey in line with the achievements and credits to bring Albania's irreversible relationship with the institutions of the European Union and its member states to the level imposed by the multiplied dynamics of cooperation and interaction between us," said Bushati.

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