Rama Forewarns Legal Initiative for Houses and Businesses Insurance
Albanian Daily News
Published December 4, 2017
The extensive damages caused by the floods generate a huge bill that should now be paid by the state's budget. To avoid this situation in the future, Prime Minister Edi Rama has a new propose: to include in the insurance scheme all those houses and businesses which risks to be flooded.
“The necessity of a legal initiative related to the houses and businesses insurance from the risk of floods became more evident than ever on view of the last days situation. Albania is the only country where such thing is not foreseen by the law, thus the citizens are left at the mercy of fate waiting to be compensated by the state’s budget. In spite of the fact that this time everything will be paid by the state’s budget such practice can no longer continue in the future," declared Rama at the meeting of the Civil Emergencies Committee on Monday.
According to him, it’s of crucial importance for the citizens and businesses to understand that measures should be taken in order to cope with natural disasters and receive the right compensation in real time.


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