Xhafaj: 'Power of Law' Preliminary Phase Ends Positively
Albanian Daily News
Published December 4, 2017
The Minister of Interior, Fatmir Xhafaj declared on Monday that the preliminary phase of 'Power of law' operation has ended positively.
In a speech during a regional conference “On international collaboration in the war against organized crime” he stressed that this operation is already giving positive results in the fight against organized crime.

“The preliminary phase, the one related to criminal groups’ registration with detailed data about the members and their criminal activities, their assets and economic investments deriving from their illicit activity has been completed. We have already entered into the phase of concrete actions and the first results are encouraging,” declared Xhafaj.

Meantime referring to the vetting process within State Police the minister stressed that this process will remove the incriminated and incompetent individuals from the police ranks.

“Vetting within police ranks will help us restore the citizens’ confidence on the security institutions. This initiative is part of a unique program of priorities with only one motto ‘Zero tolerance war on organized crime by strong institutions with high integrity staff’,” stated the minister.


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