Kotzias Unveils Details from His Meeting with the Albanian Minister
Albanian Daily News
Published December 4, 2017
The Greek minister of Foreign Affairs Kotzias, unveiled on Monday new details over the last meeting that he had with his Albanian counterpart Bushati in Crete days ago.
He supported that the results of the meeting are very promising as a new strategy of negotiating is agreed to be followed by the two countries.
The so called “one packet of solutions” aims to provide a more sufficient approach to the existing bilateral issues. Referring to Albania’s Prime Minister Rama view on relations between Albania and Greece, Kotzias acknowledged the fact that there is a positive turn made by Rama during the latest months, something that according to him only improves the general atmosphere between the two countries. Questioned on the issue of whether Greece supports the EU integration of Western Balkans, Kotzias emphasized the fact that Greece can only be benefited from this eminent outcome, as the process of integration of this region correlates with democratic consolidation.


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