Official Warsaw Awards Medals To Albanian Conductor and Journalist
Albanian Daily News
Published December 2, 2017
The Polish Embassy in Tirana organized on Friday a ceremony during which medals awarded by official Warsaw were handed over by the Ambassador to Albania, Mr. Karol Bachura, to Mr. Oleg Arapi, resident conductor at Symphonic Orchestra of the National Albanian Radio Television and Professor at the University of Arts in Tirana and Mr. Genc Mlloja, Senior Diplomatic Editor of the newspaper Albanian Daily News.
Ambassador Bachura appreciated the contribution of Arapi and Mlloja for their contribution in the promotion of the relations between Poland and Albania as well as for promoting Poland abroad in a ceremony which was attended among others by the Deputy Minister of Culture, Valbona Shujaku, Presidential Diplomatic Advisor Valter Ibrahimi and other invitees among whom the General Manager of Albanian Daily News Mrs. Anisa Skendaj.
Receiving the award Mr. Arapi spoke among others on future activities to be conducted in the frame of promoting Polish culture in Albania.
For his part, Mr. Mlloja expressed his gratitude to the Polish authorities for being so attentive to honor Albanians, who have contributed to the promotion of the bilateral relations between the two people and countries.
"I highly appreciate the warm kindness and attention of His Excellency, Mr. Ambassador Karol Bachura and his staff, but above all it is to be applauded the respect that the State of Poland shows towards the Albanian people evidence of which is the awarding event happening today in Tirana," said Mr. Mlloja, who was awarded the "Bene Merito" award by the Foreign Minister of Poland, Witold Waszczykowski.
The "Bene merito" honorary distinction is conferred upon the citizens of the Republic of Poland and foreign nationals in recognition of their merits in promoting Poland abroad.
"In my work, part of which has been the coverage of the events on Poland, the great number of activities of its Embassy in Tirana, interviews with Ambassadors and other senior officials from Poland, I have had the support of the General Manager of Albanian Daily News, Mrs. Anisa Skendaj, and the close cooperation of all the staff of the newspaper," said Mr. Mlloja, a former Editor-in-Chief, and currently Senior Diplomatic Editor working with Albanian Daily News, the only daily in English in Albania, for more than two decades since 1997.
"This is why the Award "Bene Merito" belongs to all the directors and staff of Albanian Daily News," said Mr. Mlloja in his remarks while receiving the high award.
The formal awarding ceremony was followed by a friendly cocktail during which Ambassador Bachura remarked that the first of December of 2017 has started with awarding gifts coming from Warsaw for Albanians, who have made their contribution for the promotion of the friendly ties between Polish and Albanian countries and their people.

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