Romania Considers Albania a Close, Trustful Friend
Albanian Daily News
Published December 2, 2017
"Romania has always considered Albania a close and trustfully friend," has said the Romanian Ambassador to Tirana Mircea Perpelea.
In an exclusive interview with Albanian Daily News on the anniversary of the National Day of Romania which is celebrated on December 1 every year, he said that "First of December 1918 represents the main event of the Romanian History."
Romanian Embassy in Tirana marked this event with a reception on November 30, 2017, which was attended by President Ilir Meta, ministers, diplomatic corps accredited to Albania and friends of Romania.
"Romania has always been, and will always be a supporter of Albania's European integration process," said the Ambassador in the interview which follows:

-Your Excellency, in the first place, warm congratulations on your Country's National Day. On this occasion would you please share with ADNs readers your opinion on the significance of this historical milestone of the Romanian People?
- First of December 1918 represents the main event of the Romanian History, day in which the Great National Assembly from Alba Iulia voted the unification of Transylvania with Romania, marking the completion of an historical process which has been spread over almost 2 millennia.

- Unification and Freedom: these words have been the motto of the survival and development of Romania. Could you please highlight some of the achievements but also setbacks and challenges or the Romanian nation over the past times up to now?
- As I mentioned before, the most important achievement of Romania was represented by the unification of Transylvania with Romania. One of the most important achievements was liberating Romania from the communist regime, and the process of the euro-Atlantic integration.
As a setback, we can mention that the communist dictatorship regime for over 4 decades has marked in the negative way the rebalance of modern Romania.

- When celebrating your National Day, the Albanian people cannot forget the great historical fact of the support that patriotic figures of Albania's Renaissance found in Romania. How does such a support contribute to the strengthening of bonds between the two people and countries?
- Romania was the first country which, at 28th of November 1912, recognized the Independence of Albania, and the declaration of independence was written in Bucharest, on 5th of November 1912.
Romania has always considered Albania a close and trustfully friend.

- As a follow up to the above, how would you evaluate the current relations between Albania and Romania? Are you satisfied, Your Excellency, with the level of cooperation especially in the economic, cultural and people-to-people exchange?
- Bilateral relations are conducted under the Treaty of understanding, cooperation and good neighborly relations between Romania and the Republic of Albania, signed on 11 May 1994 and entered into force on 26 April 1995. A series of bilateral documents are ongoing into the fields of education, culture, social welfare, anticorruption, etc.
At economical level, I can say that the relations are also very well. Although, I wish that these economical relations were reaching the same level of the excellent cultural relations.

- Romania has been an unwavering supporter of Albania in all its steps along the path of Euro-Atlantic integration. Concretely now, Mr. Ambassador, when Albania is striving to make another step, that is the opening the negotiations on its EU ascension, which is the stance of official Bucharest on this issue?
- Like recently mentioned by highly ranked officials from European institutions, Albania has made significant progress in fulfilling the conditions for opening ascension negotiations.
Romania has always been, and will always be a supporter of Albania's European integration process.

- As one of the Balkan countries in the European Union, how do evaluate the situation in the region, and how can the EU member countries of the region like Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria contribute to the strengthening of peace, stability and overall cooperation among the regional countries?
- The situation in the region is evolving positively, following the normal process, and the region's countries to integrate into the European family.
I believe that the strengthening of the cooperation relations between the Western Balkans countries in all the fields will have a positive contribution to the regional stability.


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