Bushati Celebrates 105th Anniversary of Independence and Liberation Day in USA
Albanian Daily News
Published December 1, 2017
Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs Ditmir Bushati during his stay in the US participated in the reception hosted by the Albanian Embassy on the occasion of the 105th anniversary of Independence and the Day of Liberation. In a brief greeting speech during this reception that took place in US Congress Library Bushati praised the excellent relations of strategic partnership between the two countries, based on common interests and views of the same in terms of security in Europe and the transatlantic community, but also in shared values and creeds.

“Although a small country, Albania stands alongside the United States in the fight against terrorism, radicalism and violent extremism. Our special story of religious tolerance is a special asset that we have set in the service of preventing these phenomena and global threats,” underlined Bushati.

The Purple Codices of Berat, from now on part of the Digital World Bookshop, were also exposed online in the US Congress Library in the framework of this commemorative event.


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