'Tirana's Key' Bestowed to Emeli Sande
Albanian Daily News
Published November 30, 2017
'Tirana's Key', was bestowed to the world-famous Scottish singer Emeli Sande by Mayor Erion Veliaj last night ahead of her performance in 'Scanderbeg' square as part of the 'White Night' activities.

"It's a great honor for me to be here and perform in this important event. In spite of the short time of my stay in Tirana I had the opportunity to see a beautiful city while feeling its citizens warmth welcome," said Sander during a reception in the Municipality of Tirana.

She even crossed the hands realizing the eagle's symbol in sign of affection for Albania.

Meantime mayor Erion Veliaj defined Sande as a inspiration source for many young boys and girls on view of the fact that she managed to succeed in the difficult world of music.

"You are all aware of the fact that long time ago your parents kept keys copies at home because the private property was not allowed and the house was their only property. Thus by making a copy and giving it to their friends they implicated a profound confidence on them. That's why we give much importance to the city's key bestowing to a distinct guest," said the mayor.

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