INSTAT under Subordination of Parliament
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Published November 29, 2017
The Institute of Statistics (INSTAT) will now be subordinated to parliament. This is a change that is foreseen in the new law on "Official Statistics" which is currently in the consultation phase and is expected to pass very quickly for approval in parliament.
Often the statistics provided by INSTAT have been questioned about the accuracy as this institution is subordinate to the Prime Minister's Office. On the other hand, the independence of the institution has been a requirement of the EU which recommends that INSTAT should be recognized as a professional and independent body.
For this purpose, considering the 2013 government program to put INSTAT under the control of the Albanian Parliament, Article 14 proposes a new legal status by assigning the Institute of Statistics as an independent public legal institution.
The new legal status is expected to increase the image of the institution, the public's credibility in fair, transparent and qualitative statistics and will directly affect the professional functioning of the National Statistical System.
The draft law also stipulates that all statistical agencies should notify INSTAT of their contacts with international agencies on statistics related issues and statistical reporting to international institutions.
The draft law also obliges statistical agencies to notify INSTAT on the statistical activities they perform and the indicators that they publish both internally and abroad. Article 24 of the draft law enables INSTAT to have a clear picture of all official statistical information produced in the country, in order to effectively exercise the Coordination Role of the System and report its annual performance as well as to convey to the users a unified official statistics.
For the cases of sending official data to international institutions without the notification of INSTAT, subjects will be fined up to 50,000 lek, the draft law says. For repeated cases, the fines are from 50,000 Lek to 250,000 Lek for each violation. For the violations committed by public institutions the fine is given to the head of the institution. The draft law was drafted with continuous support and communication with Eurostat structures that cover the European legislation on official statistics as well as statistical cooperation.

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