Daja: Triumph on Dinamo Kiev, Success for Albanian Football
Albanian Daily News
Published November 24, 2017
Skanderbeg coach Ilir Daja seemed to be very pleased by the triumph achieved against the Dinamo of Kiev in Europe League groups’ stage. He defined this victory a success of the Albanian football while regretting the disqualification.

“We are highly pleased today due to multiple reasons. We managed to win despite the initial disadvantage. I believe that we played as equal all the time despite facing some of the most known names of European football. This is something very positive for Albanian football. We were deeply sorry to hear that Partisan of Belgrade had managed to win the match against Young Boys,” said Daja.

Korça’s coach admitted that his team has made some big steps forward while adding that much more needs to be done in the future.

“There’s still room for improvement in my team’s game. By nature I am not someone that may be easily satisfied. I want to see my players in the field as equal to the adversary. I think we still have to improve the pace and balance in the field. We need a bigger and more qualitative contingent, if we are to go further,” Daja said.


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