Europe League/Excellent Opportunity for Scanderbeg
Albanian Daily News
Published November 23, 2017
An excellent opportunity will be given to 'Scanderbeg' on Thursday evening to win three points in Europe League match against Dinamo of Kiev on view of the fact that Ukrainian team will bring mostly new players on the field of "Elbasan Arena" after securing the qualification.

Many important players like the defender Vida, midfielder Garmash, strikers Mbokani, Derlis Gonzales and Artem Kravets have been left aside. The midfielder Vitaliy Buialskyi is also absent due to a previous disqualification.

However, Scanderbeg's coach Ilir Daja does not seem to think that Dinamo of Kiev qualification will make thing easier for his team.

"There are positive and negative aspects. First of all it's more dangerous because they play without the slightest bit of pressure or emotional stress. On the other side is positive because when a team is already qualified the players do not give their best on the field," said Daja.
His team is expected to play an offensive game, hoping until the end to be qualified, though it will not be easy because so far they have only 2 points.

The fans' absence due to a decision taken by UEFA as penalty for the chorus against Partisan of Belgrade will also be major downturn for 'Scanderbeg' in this match.

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