'Everything for the Kids', Football Age Groups Opens a New Cycle
Albanian Daily News
Published November 22, 2017
A round-table related to the football age groups and the new perspectives of developments was organized on Wednesday in Tirana by the Albanian Football Federation (AFF). This round-table took place in the framework of "Everything for the kids" initiative and in its focus there were discussions on the organization and licensing of players of all ages, based on the criteria set by UEFA and FIFA.

According to this project each club from now on will be obligated to divide the teams in U-7, U-9 and so on until U-19. Every footballer will be registered in accordance to the regulation.

The Football Academies must have separate budgets from the clubs and must be registered in the court, have the basic conditions for a football team (training field, matches, dressing rooms, fencing and showers).

In his speech the former-team leader of Albanian National Team, Lorik Cana stressed that it is very important to pay major attention to children as they are the future.

"There is nothing more important than investing in younger ages in younger generations. I gladly joined this initiative. Let's promote the football values while urging children to play this game. Each one among us has an obligation that goes beyond the football field," said Cana.

This roundtable will be followed by other similar events to be held in schools and also other settings throughout Albania.

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