Albania-Kosovo Cooperation in National Theater Stage
Albanian Daily News
Published November 21, 2017
"The bones come late" play, written by Teki Dervishi and directed by Martin Kocovski was presented to the public in the National Theater stage in the framework of Albania-Kosovo joint artistic calendar.

The part that has awarded several prizes in different theater festivals brought on stage a cast of actors composed by Astrit Kabashi, Bajrush Mjaku, Adrian Morina, Shkelzen Veseli, Lumnie Sopi, Arta Selimi, Albulena Kryeziu, Armend Baloku, Bujar Ahmeti and was welcomed by the audience.

"The bones come late" play deals with the fate of a individual with a lost identity, the relationship between man who has lost his identity while seeking power and the one who tries to preserve it by challenging the Orwellian pressure and reality in which he has been unvillingly included.

The artistic calendar will continue with the comedy "The Mentally Ill Man", written by Gjergj Fishta and directed by Altin Basha. The play presents Albania's problems in the 1930's which seem to comply with current situations.

Fishtta's text brings on stage the intellectual discussions or extensive social discussions of that time on the values of Albanian language and whether the young boys and girls should stay in Albania or go abroad.

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