Vasili Warns of Financial Collapse, Blames Rama
Albanian Daily News
Published November 21, 2017
The chairman of Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) parliamentary group, Petrit Vasili warns Albania's financial collapse. Through a public declaration on Tuesday he accused Prime Minister Edi Rama as the direct responsible for the termination of contracts with a total value of EUR 2 Billion.

"Albania may soon be obligated to repay a EUR 2 Billion debt due to the termination of several contracts. This conspicuous sum is comparable to an earthquake in country's economy. The consequences would be similar to those experienced by the Albanians due to collapse of pyramidal schemes in 1997.

In spite of this imminent risk Premier Rama continues to remain silent. This 'erudite' that speaks about everything makes no comment at the eve of this catastrophic situation. The Premier probably plans to elude any responsibility for this huge debt by calling for counterparts' support, as he did after submerging the country with massive narcotics quantities," said Vasili.


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