Rama Assigns a New Role to the State Police
Albanian Daily News
Published November 21, 2017
Prime Minister Edi Rama assigned a new role to the State Police, to intervene when episodes of environmental crime are registered. In a brief speech during the presentation of “Let’s clean the Albania that we want” initiative on Tuesday he said that State Police will participate in this large scale action against environment’s pollution.

“A large section of the inspections related to the environment’s pollution will from now on conducted by the State Police. I am highly confident that the inclusion of State Police in this process will lead to a drastic change of the situation within a 6-months period of time,” said PM Rama.

The Premier also underlined that government’s objective is to guarantee a complete different image of the country during the next tourist season while forewarning drastic measures for the environment’s polluters.

“Environment’s pollution will soon become nothing more than a reminiscence of the past. Severe restrictive measures will be taken against the environment polluters following the example of the developed countries,” declared the chief of executive.


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