Macedonia, Postal Stamp in Honor of Faik Konica
Albanian Daily News
Published November 21, 2017
The great Albanian prosiest, poet, publisher and translator Faik Konica will be honored in Macedonia through a special postal stamp. Some 6000 exemplars of this special stamp with a value of only Denar 18 are expected to be issued. This initiative is undertaken in the framework of 75th anniversary of death of this renowned Albanian personality but also as part of the celebration of the Congress of Manastir commemoration.
This initiative was undertaken by the Institute of Cultural and Spiritual Heritage of Albanians in cooperation with Macedonia's Postal Service. The stamp is the brainchild of the mind of Larisa Zhivkovska-Donev, a member of Philatelic Bureau.
According to Skender Asani, a representative of the Institute of Cultural and Spiritual Heritage of Albanians, this stamp should serve as an incentive for other institutions in Macedonia.
"It is a colossal work that institutionalizes Albanian history, tradition and culture in these areas. This should be an example for many other institutions and the steps that should be undertaken," said Asani.
According to Director of Macedonian Postal Service, Fadis Rexhepi, stamps have a great significance on view of the fact that they serve are the ambassadors who represent the history and culture of nations around the world.

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