Multiple Benefits for Corrupted Judges and Prosecutors Denunciators
Albanian Daily News
Published November 17, 2017
Every citizen that will support the vetting process by denouncing the corruption episodes that involve judges or prosecutors will have multiple benefits.
Those that will present facts and proofs related to the corruptive affairs are divided in two different categories. The first one includes the citizens who are willing to maintain their anonymity and those that are ready to become collaborators of justice. Meantime, the 2nd category includes those involved in a corruptive affair along with the assessment's subject.

They may become collaborators of justice in exchange for their testimony. Those people will also be given the chance to take back the sums of money given to the judge or prosecutor. Every person directly related to the assessment's subject may also be asked to give back the sum of money if proven that he has illicitly received a sum higher than ALL 100.000 since January 1, 2006. Likewise, the collaborator of justice is pardoned, thus is not legally prosecuted for his illicit affair with the judge or prosecutor.

24-hour protection will also be guaranteed to him and his close relatives, and in accordance to the testimony's importance a new sheltering is also provided.

Their testimonies for specific illicit affairs or corrupted officials names will play a key role in the assessment process of over 750 judges and prosecutors by the Independent Assessment Commission (IAC).

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