Parliament, Rama-Basha Debate on VAT Scheme
Albanian Daily News
Published November 16, 2017
The Valued Added Tax (VAT) scheme generated harsh debates between Prime Minister Edi Rama and Democrat leader, Lulzim Basha during Thursday’s parliamentary session focused on 2018 draft-budget.

The accusation made by the latest against PM Rama for an attempt to use this scheme as instrument to enable his brother Olsi Rama to take over the VAT payment concession was the origin of this debate.

“PM Rama will use the inclusion of over 100.000 small businesses in the VAT scheme and the state’s incapacity to monitor this process as an excuse to give it by concession. This concession will be given to no one else but his brother, Olsi Rama,” said Basha.

In a prompt response Premier Rama blamed his political adversary for this attack against his brother.

“My brother is just an ordinary citizen, not someone famous like your brother-in law. But, differently from you, I don’t come here with a complete list of your relatives focusing my political fight in the attacks against decent people,” replied PM Rama.


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