Euro 2020, Duka Optimist for Albania's Qualification
Albanian Daily News
Published November 15, 2017
The 3-2 victory of the Albanian National Team against Turkey in a recent friendly match seems to have highly increased the Albanian fans and Albanian Football Federation (AFF) president Armando Duka optimism. In a statement to the media he expressed the deep satisfaction for the Albanian team performance in Antalya while adding stressed that a favorable draw would increase the chances of qualification for the Euro 2020 finals.
“I am highly confident. This team may come out victorious in every match. However, we can’t pretend to win every match. A positive draw would increase our chances for a qualification in Euro 2020 finals,” said Duka.
Meantime he admitted that various elements of the National Team game may still be improved.
“Technical experiment is important in a friendly match with Turkey but when things go well and we win the match then the pleasure is much higher. We should learn something from our errors in order to avoid them in the future,” said Duka.


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