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Published November 15, 2017
President of the Republic, Ilir Meta received in a meeting on Tuesday the Vice President of Bulgaria, Iliana Iotova. Praising the very good traditional and historical relations between the two countries, the Albanian President expressed gratitude for the continuous support of Bulgaria in the integration process of the country and of other countries in the Western Balkans.
Considering the EU integration process as a strong encouraging force for multilateral reforms in the country, Meta expressed confidence that during the next Bulgarian Presidency of EU, Albania might be able to launch accession talks. Moreover, President Meta underlined the indispensability for the liberalization of visas between the EU and Kosovo as soon as possible.
The interlocutors shared the same opinion regarding the need for a greater attention from both countries to revitalize economic and trade cooperation, especially in the frame of energy interconnection and the multimodal Corridor VIII.
On her part, Vice President Iotova assured President Meta that Albania and the Western Balkan region will have a particular attention during the Bulgarian Presidency, in order to restore once again EU's attention to this region and enlargement process.
Meantime, the Bulgarian Vice President was received in a separate meeting by the Albanian Speaker of Parliament, Gramoz Ruci, who praised the excellent development of bilateral ties, based on historical, cultural and human relations between the two peoples. "Albania is progressing in a determined way in the path of fundamental reforms for the European future of the country, hopefully to open accession talks of the country in the EU in the first six months of 2018," declared Speaker Ruci. In this frame, he estimated the Bulgarian Presidency of EU in 2018 as an opportunity to advance with the enlargement policy regarding Albania and all Western Balkan countries.
The Bulgarian Vice President praised the approval by consensus of the law on minorities, which also recognizes the Bulgarian minority, underlining the role of these minorities as a linking bridge in the relations between the two countries. Moreover, Iotova emphasized the priorities of the Bulgarian Presidency of EU in 2018, saying that the renewal of enlargement policy will be a special priority, focusing on the Western Balkan region. She expressed her hope for negotiations of Albania for EU accession to launch in 2018.
Ruci and Iotova shared common opinions regarding the further intensification of bilateral ties, especially in the economic spectrum, through joint projects in fields of reciprocal interest, like energy, interconnection.

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